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Why Use a CPA?
If you believe that only the wealthy need the services of a certified public accountant, think again. CPAs act as advisors to individuals, businesses, financial institutions, nonprofit organizations and government agencies on a wide range of financial matters.

Today, many individuals turn to CPAs for help with both their tax preparation and personal financial planning. Increasingly, people rely on CPAs for assistance in building college funds, planning for retirement and creating estate plans.

Business owners and managers of various profit and nonprofit organization have traditionally depended on CPAs for auditing services and advice on developing effective accounting systems, maximizing operating results and resolving various management problems.

In addition, CPAs assist businesses in designing and installing data processing and management information systems.
What makes a CPA different from a regular public accountant?
Those who are able to call themselves "CPAs" have met stringent education and experience requirements and passed a rigorous two day exam.

They must perform their work in accordance with high-quality technical professional standards and adhere to a strict code of professional ethics.

Individuals have worked hard to obtain the "CPA" designation, and they are committed to working even harder to deliver the value that it conveys.
What do CPAs Charge?
CPAs normally base their fees on the time required to perform the services you request. There are no "fee schedules" common to profession. Fees depend on the type of services you require, the prevailing costs in the community, the CPA's level of expertise and the complexity of your work.
If I am starting a new business, what are the benefits to consulting a CPA?
Consulting a CPA is a great way to get your new business off and running on the right foot. Incorporating your business properly can result in huge savings down the road and offer you and your company protection. If you are starting a business, please go to Susan Toth's contact page and send her an email.