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Susan Toth CPA MBA is a full-service accounting firm dedicated to providing each client with a wide range of personalized and professional, tax, accounting, and financial services.  

Covid 19 Safety — Although Susan Toth CPA MBA is located downtown Delray Beach, FL, she has been an avid fan of working virtually and has clients all over the United States and overseas.  She has been meeting clients via Zoom since it was first introduced many years ago.  When meeting at her physical office clients are kept safe and protected against germs because all meeting places are separated by 6 feet, there is plexiglass across the conference table that separates everyone in a meeting, chairs and tables are disinfected before and after each client, and the office place adheres to the Palm Beach County requirements.  

Location — Susan Toth CPA MBA is a quality first, user-friendly professional accounting firm.  This is a full-service firm with specialties in Federal and State Taxation, Trust and Estates and Financial Reporting Services. Office is in Delray Beach, FL Palm Beach County and by web interfaces such as Zoom, Team Viewer, FaceTime that allows servicing anywhere in the United States and often overseas.
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For years, Susan Toth CPA MBA has been providing quality, personalized financial guidance and specializes in local business, trusts and estate fiduciaries and individuals. Her expertise ranges from basic tax management and accounting services to more in-depth services such as tax audits, financial statements, and business planning. By combining her expertise, experience, and team mentality when working with you or your staff, she assures that every client receives the close analysis and attention they deserve. Her dedication to high standards, continued education, professionalism and work ethic is the reason her client base returns year after year.
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Susan Toth CPA MBA’s mission is to help clients maintain financial viability in the present, while taking a proactive approach to achieve future goals. This requires open communication to reach an understanding of her clients' needs through research and sound analysis. Susan Toth CPA MBA is dedicated to meeting these goals with high standards of excellence and professionalism. She has been a staple of the area's business community for years, and is proud of the level of esteem she has earned. Her dedication to hard work has earned the respect of the business and financial community in and around the area. It is a direct derivative of her talent and responsiveness to her client base. Whether you are a current or prospective client, rest assured that business, fiduciaries and individuals who choose Susan Toth CPA MBA receive competent and timely advice.
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Susan is very thorough and takes great pride in her efforts, never unavailable, always pleasant and professional. Her spectacular reputation is what led me to her and I am so glad that it did, I have no way of conveying how much trouble and time she has saved me. I would highly recommend her services to anyone as she has continued to amaze me with the scope of issues that she has expertise in and how easy she makes things look. I consider her one of my Company's most valuable assets as well a very good friend.
— Joseph R, Delray Yacht Cruises LLC
Susan has been preparing my personal taxes for 5 years. During this time, she has helped me navigate a number of complex issues involving an inheritance, the sale of more than one property, an out-of-state move, and mostly recently an international move. She is very knowledgeable and has always been readily available when unforeseen issues have arisen. I'm fortunate to have found Susan and look forward to working with her in the future!
I hired Susan to prepare my mother’s estate/ trust tax return and my personal tax return.  She has also prepared the trust accounting. Susan advised myself and siblings that filing personally this year, rather than through the estate trust would save us money. She is informative, efficient and responds in a timely manner, always communicating with ease and pleasantly. I recommend her highly as a CPA and for whatever your accounting needs are.
— JS Estate executor and trustee
I highly recommend Susan Toth CPA MBA. Susan has been my CPA for me personally and my businesses for over 20 years. She is very professional and has exceptional knowledge in taxation, financial reporting, business structure and business transactions. She has helped me save money in many areas.I am very pleased with her services and timeliness. Susan is pleasant to deal with and always finds the right solutions for me.
— AR, Delray Business Owner, Richwagen’s Bike and SporT
Susan has done a fantastic job in preparing and filing my taxes. Her tax knowledge is excellent, and she is very responsive to any questions. My life is much simpler with her managing my finances.
— RG, West Palm Beach, FL Account Manager
My name is Frank M.  I was referred to Susan a year ago by my estate lawyer. I was told she can help me. Susan is more than a CPA to me. Susan has broadened the scope for me in many of my financial affairs. I do not recommend easily, but Susan is worth it. Thanks Susan!!!
— Frank M, City of cigars
I was fortunate to have found Susan when I moved to Delray in 2015 and was happy from the start. She has provided excellent service, extremely knowledgeable, efficient and a caring person to boot!
— ANF, Paralegal Services
We both highly recommend Susan as she is easy to work with, her knowledge of Tax law is awesome and she guides you through the process with ease. 
- FL. Terri A., RN & Tom A., MD
Susan had been our CPA for many years. She prepares all of our business and personal taxes. She is amazing with helping me with QuickBooks and always files everything in a timely manner. We highly recommend her!
— chiropractor, BSIM Coral Springs, FL
As the bookkeeper and treasurer for our condo association, I engaged Susan as our accountant ten years ago and have entrusted her with the preparation and filing of our taxes, and a quarterly review as well as our end of year financial statements. During these ten years Susan was always accommodating of my schedule and was willing to meet in person or online whichever was best for me at the time. Susan always dug in to resolve any issues that may have arisen. I am so thankful that she goes above and beyond what might be required to get the job done.
— E.A, Lake Worth, FL
My wife and I have been clients of Susan Toth CPA for 11 years.  We have been very happy with her work.  She has a thorough understanding of the USA tax code.  She is an extraordinarily warm person, who always completes her work in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Susan to anyone who wants a CPA to complete US income tax preparation.
— Michael K., Delray Beach, FL
Susan has been taking care of my taxes, both personal and Trust Tax Return since 2012. She is so easy to talk to and can answer all questions in a way that makes it understandable. She is super knowledgeable about taxes and always files on time. When our taxes were filed by someone who stole our identity, she handled all issues with the IRS. I had my first experience with Zoom last tax season. She set everything up and it was great. I highly recommend Susan if you need a very smart CPA who listens to your questions and answers them promptly.
— FR, Delray Beach, FL
I was first introduced to Susan when there was a need to find a respected CPA in Florida who could provide trust accounting and trust tax filing services for a family trust.  I found her to be meticulous, knowledgeable and proactive in educating me with regard to trust tax law — a far cry from my previous experience with another CPA firm.  I have been extremely pleased with her work. She uncovered past oversights by our previous CPA and was able to recover missed tax credits. Her guidance has been invaluable and this year I decided to move my personal tax work to her. 
— JB, West Simsbury, CT
I was fortunate to have been referred to Susan Toth at a very difficult time in my life. Susan was easy to talk with and very professional. I never had to rely on the help of a CPA before and Susan was able to answer all my questions and offer the guidance that I needed. There were concerns I had with filing on time due to receiving some paperwork late. Susan was able to get it all done in a timely and very organized manner. I look forward to having Susan help me in the years to come.
— JT, Boynton Beach, FL
My experience with Susan Toth, CPA in processing my IRS income tax returns and state income tax returns has been great. Although I contract her from out of state, Susan has always provided excellent, accurate information about my tax status, and returns for the last (11) years. Susan is very professional and she makes sure that I understand all of the details of her actions. I have complete trust in Susan Toth, CPA to handle all of my federal and state taxes.
— James A, Michigan
Susan Toth is a brilliant and experienced CPA who enjoys working with complex accounts. She is multifaceted at many levels. My taxes involve businesses in 2 other states, in addition to my home in Florida. She was even willing to work with me on my taxes when I was living in another state for a while. Years ago, without my even asking her to do it, Susan reviewed the work of my previous CPA and found an error in my favor, thereby acquiring for me a significant, unexpected refund from the IRS. She is very professional and has a great deal of expertise. I have known her, as well, to be a kind person with integrity who is very easy to talk with. I highly recommend Susan Toth, just as she came highly recommended to me.
— BS, Boynton Beach, FL
Susan has been our CPA for many years. She prepares our personal income taxes, and prepares my husband’s business taxes and all related filings. Susan is extremely knowledgeable. I would highly recommend her.
— DKN, Boca Raton, FL
Susan has provided me with excellent tax services for 10 years plus. She has always provided personal service, handling my personal, business and trust accounts. Great attention to detail and knowledge in all categories. Highly recommended!
— Jeff M, Boynton Bch.
As a bookkeeper I was doing my own taxes for many years using the online software available. When I had bought my home it was confusing. I knew it was time to have a professional who knew the tax laws prepare my taxes.  I'm so glad I chose Susan Toth CPA, MBA. Susan has been preparing my personal taxes for over 10 years and I could not be happier with her knowledge and professionalism. 
— RP, Delray Beach, FL
Susan has done a fantastic job in preparing and filing my taxes. Her tax knowledge is excellent, and she is very responsive to any questions. My life is much simpler with her managing my finances.
— RG, West Palm Beach, FL
I have worked closely with Susan for 17 years helping to organize and prepare monthly statements and annual taxes for one of her clients. She has always been there to help guide me when I had questions. Susan is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of taxes and accounting. She handles her clients requests efficiently and professionally. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs an accountant.
— shan, Hollywood,FL
I have engaged Susan for multiple years to prepare my personal income taxes and quarterly tax planning. She has a wealth of knowledge, stays current on tax laws and changes and meets her time commitments. Overall, Susan is extremely professional, helpful with any of my questions, and easy to work with. Whether you have personal or business needs, I recommend her as your accounting business partner.
— SC, Delray Beach, FL
Susan has been taking care of both my personal and business taxes for over 4 years now and she has been extremely timely, professional, and trustworthy. Susan takes care of all my accounting/ tax needs including tax filings, IRS requests, Quickbooks, tax forms, online filings/payments etc. Having Susan on my team allows me to focus on running and growing my business without having to worry about any of these things. Thanks for everything you do Susan!
— carolina.r, the fit golfer girl
Susan is very professional and friendly to deal with my personal tax matters and the association matters. She is very knowledgeable about taxes. I found out a tax return I filed myself, for my personal matters, needed an amendment to be filed one year; and she also helped file my following years taxes to make sure everything went smoothly. Susan is also very knowledgeable about business when related to our condo association matters; handles all the bank statements, and financial matters; tax filings and audits.  She also keeps me informed if something was not paid on time or missing in the check book. Answers all my calls within the same day, including emails.
— KS, Delray Beach, FL
Susan Toth CPA prepares my business taxes and all related filings, and my personal income taxes. Susan is very professional and knowledgeable about my business and taxes. She has helped me save so much money and makes sure I meet all the deadlines. She is easy to communicate with and makes working with her and all my finances fun too. She's always available for any questions I have. I'm very happy I know her.
— MJ, President MJS, Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Susan has been handling the taxes for my business (and personal) for the past two years. She has had to handle some very complicated issues that needed to be addressed and corrected from years past. Susan has outstanding knowledge about taxes and business accounting and has excellent experience in dealing with the IRS. She is very easy to communicate with, is proactive, timely, and thorough. Exactly what you want from your CPA! I highly recommend Susan and her services.
— JP, President and Business Owner, Delray Beach, FL
I have been using the CPA and accounting services of Susan Toth CPA. She is awesome. I started using her firm's services 2 years ago and my business has faced major positive changes since then. My books and records are auditable, my taxes are strategized. Susan has gone above and beyond supporting my financial needs, including PPP forgiveness applications, quarterly reports and corporate consolidated IRS reporting.
— EK, President, DR CR Group
I've known Susan for almost 10 years. She's handled my tax filings for several corporations, sometimes having to deal with complex situations I've put myself in. Luckily, Susan's great at what she does and has helped me in every situation. I highly recommend Susan to anyone who needs a real professional.
— VP, Boca Raton

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